Choosing an experienced

ERP provider is vital.

Choosing an experienced

ERP provider is vital.

Implementing and supporting Dynamics ERP since 2001


Delivering on time and on budget

Our People

Topaz is noted for it’s depth of experience, not only are the founding principals still active in the business well into the company’s third decade, but all members of the management and consulting team have at least two decades of general IT and ERP experience. With low staff turnover and having focused on Dynamics NAV and Business Central since 2001, the company has arguably the most experienced Dynamics NAV and Business central team in New Zealand.

As a result Topaz is the recognised Dynamics NAV and Business Central specialists and has corrected a number of installations and taken over support where clients have been unhappy with the results obtained from the original vendor.

Our Process

As a customer focused business we are comfortable adapting to meet the clients preferred approach, or tailoring our methodology to align with the customers needs. So while most ERP implementations follow various forms of waterfall methodologies, we have also delivered agile implementations.

However in the absence of a client preference, our approach is a combination of Microsoft’s Sure Step and Prince2 project methodology which along with field-tested best practice enables Topaz to determine with certainty what is needed to meet the requirements, produce appropriate timelines and budgets, ensure the solution is quality assured and delivered on time.

The adaption of methodology to circumstance is coupled with a team philosophy for implementation projects. The consultants responsible for the implementation are involved at the early stages of the sales process and are therefore fully involved in what is proposed. Once implemented the same consultants remain as part of the customers support team. Likewise the sales people take on the account manager role, remaining involved through the implementation and support phases. This provides the customer with continuity and drives accountability.

Our clarity around process and the accountability of the team approach supported by experienced project managers results in our ERP implementation projects always running on time and on budget, allowing for client initiated scope or timeline changes.

As a result Topaz is the recognised Dynamics NAV and Business Central specialists and has corrected a number of installations and taken over support where clients have been unhappy with the results obtained from the original vendor.

Our Outcomes

It is our experience that enables us to ensure that the process followed for each implementation is appropriate for the circumstance. At times, when dealing with customers with strong skill sets and project teams, our consultants can work within the clients team. In other circumstances, the client looks to us to provide many of the skills and over all project management.

The end result is that for twenty years Topaz has been delivering ERP implementation projects on time and on budget.

Our Support Desk

Like the rest of the Topaz team, the Topaz support consultants are experienced Dynamics NAV and Business Central ERP specialists. This enables the resolution of minor incidents directly, without the multi-step process of record, assign, clarify and address, which can take what should be five minute conversation and extend it into a prolonged phone and/or email exchange.

Support is delivered under a range of support arrangements, each with a set of SLA’s that can be tailored to match the client’s support needs. All support contracts include minor incident resolution at no cost.

More complex issues are recorded and assigned to the appropriate functional or technical consultant, who forms part of the team assigned to the customer.  Our ‘No surprises’ philosophy means once requirement clarity is established, the customer is made aware of any potential for significant cost before the issue is addressed.

While the bulk of our customers work directly with our support desk, either by phone or email, some enter support requests directly into our support portal. All customer have access to the portal and can monitor progress and update as needed.

Account Management

Post implementation,  the Business Development Manager prepares an Activities and Road Map document which lists all activities related to the ERP, outside of ‘business as usual’.

This list is formally reviewed six monthly with updates in between as circumstances dictate.

Fancy a Chat?

Talking costs nothing at all. We would love the opportunity to hear more about the issues you face as a business and offer you some advice on how an ERP solution might fix them. Contact us here, and we’ll be in touch to arrange a meetup. No hard sell, just honest advice gained from a wealth of experience.


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